Are your bills starting to pile up because you’ve been dealing a lot with tax problems? Instead of suffering through financial hardship, get the compensation you deserve by hiring a qualified attorney to represent your case.

In order to find the best lawyer in Connecticut out there, there are four main steps each person should focus on and follow.

 Step 1: Word of mouth recommendations – In every business known to man, getting a referral from a friend, relative or someone you work with is by far the best way to find a great business or tradesman or woman. The same holds true for finding a qualified lawyer in your area. Most people wouldn’t recommend someone they wouldn’t use themselves, so word of mouth referrals are usually pretty solid, although from time to time, people’s opinions differ. If you can’t find anyone to recommend a tax attorney to you, you’re second best option is to check out consumer reviews online, which tend to be very unbiased.


 Step 2: Know what to look for – Always ensure the lawyers on your shortlist of potential candidates have the experience and accreditation to back their resume. The tax lawyer you obtain should be fully licensed and have proof of their qualifications to practice law in their area of business. They should also work for a reputable firm and be reliable.

Step 3:
Get to know them better – When you’ve narrowed your list down to two or three potential hires, give each one a call and set up a meeting to speak about your case and get to know them. getting-to-know-audienceTo make sure you’re prepared, it’s recommended that you compile a list of questions or concerns you have for them to answer during this session. Making sure their personality and goals match yours is of the utmost importance.

 Step 4: Follow up with references and credibility check – The last and final step should always be to ask the attorney for at least five references. This should be made up of current and past clients who have used their services. If they seem unwilling to provide you with references, as well as their accreditation, it’s important to scratch them off your list and move on to the next candidate.

Finding the best tax lawyer will take some time, but if you follow the above steps you will be well on your way to getting great representation in your case. If you need help finding a suitable attorney, we can help you out. Try CT tax attorneys and you will be more than happy with their service !